On the Subject of Following the Leader

Don't step out of line.

Note: For use by those familiar with the original manual. Contact Nanthelas on Discord with any corrections.

All numbers refer to wires that originate at that numbered plug.

Starting Wire

  • If RJ-45 Port and Wire from 4 to 5, start at 4.
  • Otherwise, start at number of batteries (if it exists).
  • Otherwise, start at first numerical SN digit (if it exists).
  • Otherwise, if Lit CLR, cut all from highest to lowest.
  • Otherwise, start at lowest numbered wire.

Cutting Wires

  • Always cut first wire.
  • Go through chart starting with first SN letter.
  • If Start is Red/Green/White, REVERSE ORDER.
Letter Cut If
A/N Previous is Red, White, or Black.
B/O Current starts at even.
C/P Previous was cut.
D/Q Previous is Red, Blue, or Black.
E/R Of previous 3, 2 share a color.
F/S Exactly 1 of previous 2 matches current color.
G/T Previous is Yellow, White, or Green.
H/U Previous was NOT cut.
I/V Previous skips a plug.
J/W Previous is Yellow, Blue, or Green.
K/X Previous 2 are different colors
L/Y Previous leads to ≥7
M/Z Of previous 2, at most 1 White or Black.