On the Subject of Following Orders

This is the first module that wants you to succeed so badly, it’s yelling the answer at you!

  • On the module, there is a switch that can turn a speaker on or off.
  • This speaker will relay three to five “shouts” that will tell you directions.
  • There is also a directional pad on the module that will move you from tile to tile on the five by five hieroglyph grid.
  • The hieroglyphs denoting the rows and columns will glow to show you which tile you are currently on.
  • Ten of these twenty-five tiles are trapped, and only one of the tiles will solve the module upon landing on it.
  • The shouts will lead you around the trapped tiles to the exit tile based on the table below.
  • Stepping on a trapped tile will reset all special tiles and randomly generate ten new trapped tiles, and a new exit. The previous trapped tiles will briefly glow red.

Decoding Shouts:

  • The table on the next page will ask questions regarding the sequence of shouts from the speaker, and your current location.
  • To read this table, first, you will find which row and column have the most criteria present in the shouts you received.
  • You will then move in the direction with the most criteria, to the first space in that direction that has the hieroglyph with the most criteria.
  • Every non-trapped tile will give you a different set of shouts that will always lead you in the correct direction towards the goal, so if you ever take a step in the wrong direction and survive, the new shouts will lead you in the correct direction.
  • In the case of a tie, find the square on which you’re standing on the module and find that same location on the 5 by 5 table below. Use the direction or glyph that cross at that square depending on what’s tied.
  • In this table:
    • Direction refers to the word being said in each specific instance.
    • Voice refers to one of the three possible people giving directions: a man, a woman, and a child.
    • Shout refers to a specific instance of a voice saying a direction.
  • ONCE IN A BLUE MOON: Microsoft Sam will just tell you the destination.

Decoding Table:

In Cup Row Woman’s voice is present Man’s shout precedes “Left” shout No shouts that say a vertical direction All shouts are saying the same direction Up
At least 2 “Right” shouts No “Left” shouts Two or more Female shouts In Vulture Column At least one “Down” shout Left
Man’s voice is not present In Ankh Column At least one “Left” shout Child’s voice is present Any voice in between two shouts that share a direction Down
At least three shouts with the same direction Man’s voice is present Only the Child’s voice is absent There are exactly 3 shouts In Sieve Row Right
The first and last shouts are different voices At least one voice is saying opposite directions At least one shout of each direction All three voices are present There are 5 shouts Shortest Path to Hieroglyph*
Ankh Cloth Cup Sieve Vulture
  • *If there is more than one direction that is tied for the fewest tiles to reach the corresponding hieroglyph, choose a direction based on the first two characters of the serial number.
    Character 1 Number Number Letter Letter
    Character 2 Number Letter Number Letter
    Direction Up Left Down Right

Hieroglyphs Index:

Ankh Cloth Cup Sieve Vulture