On the Subject of Forget Any Color (Reworded)

Tired of the condensed manual? You’re in luck!


This module is a boss module, and cannot be solved until other modules that are not ignored are solved first. However, unlike most boss modules of this style, Forget Any Color does not generate a stage for each unignored module, but instead around 25% of the unignored modules on the bomb.

You will be notified when a new stage is generated when the module makes a distinct sound. The module will display a 6-digit number, three colored cylinders, two numbers on the nixies, and a number and color on the gear. A letter will appear to the left of the number on the gear to indicate its color. For each stage, note down all of this information.

If there are no stages or the display is blank, refer to the Interaction section of this manual.


Do the following for each stage:

  1. Use the color of the gear to obtain a number from the table below. Take the obtained number modulo 10. If the new number is greater than 6, subtract 6. If the new number is 0, use 6.
Red Batteries Orange Indicators
Yellow Port plates Green First digit of serial number
Cyan Battery holders Blue Unlit indicators
Purple Ports White Letters in serial number
  1. Take the 6-digit displayed number and remove the number in the Nth position, where N is the obtained number in Step 1. You should now have a 5-digit number.
  2. Use the color and positions of the cylinders to obtain three numbers from the table on the next page. L refers to left, M refers to middle, and R refers to right. Each obtained number will correspond to that cylinder’s position.
Color L M R Color L M R
Red 1 7 3 Orange 6 2 8
Yellow 8 5 1 Green 5 4 6
Cyan 2 6 4 Blue 7 3 5
Purple 3 1 7 White 4 8 2
  1. The module will choose one of six figures, or patterns. The module doesn’t indicate which figure is being used - you must figure that out yourself. To determine the correct figure, follow Steps 5–7 using each figure. If Step 7 is successful, that is the correct figure. After that, proceed to Step 8.
    The table below lists all the configurations of the figures. The figures are labelled A–F. Each figure assigns the positions of the cylinders to positions of the 5-digit number from Step 2.
5-digit number
1 2 3 4 5
  1. Treat the 5-digit number like five individual digits. For each digit, look at its position in the figure, and obtain a cylinder position. Add the number that corresponds to that cylinder’s position to that digit. Take each result modulo 10.
  2. If multiple digits refer to the same cylinder position in the figure, take each of those digits and add them together. Take each result modulo 10. You should now have a 3-digit number - one digit for each position.
  3. Compare the 3-digit number from Step 6 with a new 3-digit number. The first two digits of the new number are the numbers on the nixies, and the third digit is the number on the gear. If these two 3-digit numbers are equal, then you are using the correct figure.
  1. Each stage will have a nixie position to press. Once you have identified the correct figure, the position to press will be the cylinder position in the figure’s row on the table with a unique length.
    L refers to the left nixie, R refers to the right nixie, and M refers to the nixie that was not pressed in the previous stage. If this is the first stage, M refers to the right nixie.


Unlike most modules of this style, Forget Any Color allows you to enter your answer anytime. The inputs for the module must be entered in the same order they were received. It is also possible to enter an input while a stage is being displayed, whether the input is for the current stage or an earlier stage. If an input is wrong, the module will strike. The correct nixie is the other one.

The module’s display will update whenever an unignored module is solved. If the display turns blank and the cylinders turn black, no stage is currently being displayed. During this state, the nixies will indicate how many displayed stages haven’t received an input yet.

Once all the stages have been displayed, the module has a chance to enter its solving phase upon another unignored module being solved. The module will notify you that it can be solved with a different sound than the one used when a new stage is generated, and the gear will fly off the module.

Once the module enters its solving phase and all the stages have been entered, turn the key to solve the module. If the module generated no stages, the module will not solve until the key is turned. It is also possible to solve a Forget Any Color module while there are unsolved unignored modules still on the bomb.

NOTE: Turning the key too early may generate more stages! Turn at your own risk!