On the Subject of Forget Any Color

Now requiring no calculator! I bet you’ll use one anyway...

This module has a display, 3 cylinders, 2 nixies, a gear LED and number, and a key. Note them down each time a sound is heard. If the background is blue, refer to Forget The Colors.

Obtaining the sequence:

  1. Get a number from the colored table with the gear color. Take only the last digit, and subtract 6 if it’s 7, 8 or 9. Treat 0 as 6.
  2. Note down the display, but exclude the digit whose position matches step 1.
    5-digit number
    1 2 3 4 5
    A L M R
    B L M R
    C L M R
    D L M R
    E L M R
    F L M R
  3. Find the correct figure (A–F) by testing each one:
    • Get the cylinders' values from the colored table.
    • Add it to each of the attached digits.
    • Sum up each individual cylinder’s digits.
    • If the correct figure is used, L, M, and R’s last digits will match the bottom 3 numbers shown.
  4. With the correct figure, write down which position had a unique length.
Color L M R Gear Color
Red 1 7 3 batteries
Orange 6 2 8 indicators
Yellow 8 5 1 port plates
Green 5 4 6 serial’s first digit
Cyan 2 6 4 battery holders
Blue 7 3 5 unlit indicators
Purple 3 1 7 ports
White 4 8 2 serial’s # of letters

Submitting the sequence:

The list of unique lengths can be translated to button presses, and the module is interactable at all times.

  • L -> Press the left nixie.
  • M -> Press the opposite nixie of the last stage, or the right nixie if no such stage exists.
  • R -> Press the right nixie.

NOTE: Using the key before the nixies generates more stages. Ignored modules