On the Subject of Forget Infinity

Everyone forgot about what this module originally looked like until they saw 5 digits per stage and yelled at the creator for trying to make this mess. Now someone else stepped in and what price did they pay? Infinite amounts.

The top display will show the current stage number, the number of stages generated formatted as (##/##), and a single digit which represents how many seconds left until the cooldown expires for the given stage.

The bottom display will show 5 numbers after every module solved, with some exceptions. “-----” does not count as a stage. Note each given stage.

After a certain number of modules have solved, the module will enter input mode. Do not attempt to interact with the module before the module enters input mode as that will cause a strike.

When the module is in input mode, the top display will show at most 3 stages that are required to solve the module. Input the correct set of inputs using the 10 digits underneath the bottom display and press the left arrow button to delete the previous input. The module will auto-submit after 5 digits have been entered.

Upon entering the correct inputs for either of the stages required, the stage that was given the correct answer will glitch out until all of the stage’s answers are inputted correctly. Once all numbers have been inputted correctly, the module will solve. If any of the numbers inputted were incorrect for the remaining required stages, a strike will be gained and the inputs will clear.

If you lost a given stage for the requirement, you can press the left arrow button before inputting the digits to enter recapture mode. When in recapture mode, you can use the digits to input the given stage number to check again.

Pressing the left arrow button will show the given stage again if the combination given was valid or go back to input mode if no digits were entered during this mode. You will be able to recapture any given stage at no cost if you struck on inputting the remaining required stages. Otherwise, a strike will be given for every recaptured stage without a free recapture. A free recapture will be indicated by the top display blinking green and while it’s displaying the mandatory stages.

If the module is unable to generate any number of stages on the bomb, press any button to enforce the module to solve. The displays flash red to indicate no stages being generated or being unable to create the solution for any given stage(s).

Rules to Calculate Inputs

Is this Skewed Slots 2.0? Certainly doesn’t smell like one... Especially what happened last time.

The original digit in the given stage refers to the digit in that stage before the modifications took effect. After all of the calculations, if the value is less than 0 for the given digit, keep adding 10 until it isn’t. Then, take the least significant digit in each of the values and input them. If there are no digits in the serial number, use 0 for any rules that need the serial number digits.

Calculations For All Digits

  1. If there is a Stereo RCA port, swap the 1st digit of the code with the 5th digit and the 2nd digit with the 4th digit.
  2. If the bomb has batteries, add the number of batteries to each digit of the code.
  3. If the bomb’s serial number contains the characters “F” or “I”, subtract the number of letters in the serial number from each digit.
  4. Each of the 5 digits now calculated will be used as their respective values for the next set of calculations. The digit can be higher than 9 or less than 0 at the end of "Calculations For All Digits".

1st Digit Calculations

  1. Grab the 1st value from the previous calculation for all digits.
  2. If “Needy Tetris” is present, take the original digit in this slot, add 7, and then replace the 1st value with that result.
  3. Otherwise, if the 1st value is at least 10 and that value is divisible by 2, half that value.
  4. Otherwise, if the 1st value is less than 5, add the last digit in the serial number.
  5. Otherwise, add 1.

2nd Digit Calculations

  1. Grab the 2nd value from the previous calculation for all digits.
  2. If there are duplicate ports on the bomb, add the number of duplicate port types on the bomb.
  3. Otherwise, if there are no ports on the bomb, add the sum of the 3rd and 1st original digits.
  4. Otherwise, add the number of ports.

Rules to Calculate Inputs (Continued)

3rd Digit Calculations

  1. Grab the 3rd value from the previous calculation for all digits.
  2. If the other digits were swapped before, don’t modify the 3rd value.
  3. Otherwise, replace the 3rd value with:
    • The sum of the binary digits in the 3rd original digit, if the 3rd value is greater than or equal to 7.
    • The absolute value of the 3rd value, if the 3rd value is less than 3.
    • The 3rd original digit + the smallest digit in the serial number, otherwise.

4th Digit Calculations

  1. Grab the 4th value from the previous calculation for all digits.
  2. If the 4th value is less than 0, add the largest digit in the serial number.
  3. Otherwise, if 5 or fewer stages were generated, don’t modify the 4th value.
  4. Otherwise, do 18 - the 4th value.

5th Digit Calculations

  1. Grab the 5th value from the previous calculation for all digits.
  2. Go through the table underneath to get the digit to input based on the conditions.
First Digit of Serial No.
0, 12, 34, 56, 78, 9
5th Value % 5
(Or within 0–4)
2O!O! + 19 - O!O! - 1O! + 5

A cell with “O!” indicates original digit in the 5th slot. Not to be confused with 0, which is just by itself.