On the Subject of Forget Infinity

What did this module do again? I forgot.

The display will show 5 numbers after every module solved, with some exceptions. Note these down. 00000 does not count as a stage.

After every module is solved, the module will enter input mode. Do not attempt to interact with the module before solving all other modules on the bomb. Doing so will cause a strike.

When the module is in input mode, you must input each number that was displayed on the screen in a row, following the rules below. Once all numbers have been input, the module will solve. If any of the numbers inputted were incorrect, the module will reset, and a strike will be gained.

Rules to follow to calculate inputs

  • If the bomb has a Stereo RCA port, reverse the current 5-digit code before doing any further calculations.
  • If the bomb has batteries, add the number of batteries to each digit of the code making sure to keep the number between 1 and 5 by adding or subtracting.
  • If the bomb's serial number contains the characters "F" or "I", subtract 1 from each digit of the code. If doing so would put that digit below 1, replace that digit with 5 instead.

If you have missed a stage, you may use the Reset button to enter solve mode. In solve mode, the display will be green, and you may input a base-5 number using the number pad and R (for 0). After inputting the number, press the Submit button. A strike will be gained and the display will show the stage number from that stage.

Addendum EX: Exceptions for stage advance

  • Forget Infinity
  • Forget Me Not
  • Forget This
  • Forget Everything
  • Turn The Key
  • Souvenir
  • The Time Keeper
  • Simon's Stages
  • Timing is Everything