On the Subject of Forget Maze Not

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  • This module will cycle through a few cells of a maze, showing the walls and coordinates of the cell.
  • Coordinates are in LetterNumber format; A1 is top left.
  • With every solve, ignoring some specific modules, the module will move to the next stage, revealing more cells. Put them together to form a maze.
  • On some stages, a cell will be colored green. After all the non-ignored modules are solved, navigate to these cells in the order of their appearance and submit them by clicking the middle button.
  • Any other colored cell are special cells and they are not part of the main maze. Look at the direction’s below for the respective color. Click the middle button on a special cell to put the module in interactive mode, and press it again to exit interactive mode.
    • Red: Using the maze below, navigate the defuser to the coordinates on the bottom left. The current position is in the middle of the cell.
    • Yellow: The coordinates in the middle represents a cell that was displayed on an earlier stage. Using the arrows, input the walls of that cell.
    • Blue: You are given walls and coordinates, one of which are missing. Replace the coordinate so that the walls match the coordinates.
    • Magenta: The defuser will have to find the exit of a normal 5×5 maze on the module.
    • Cyan: Same as magenta, but the maze is inverted (You can only walk through walls).
  • Incorrect movement or answers, and ignoring special cells will strike.