On the Subject of Clarifying Me Not

This one likes simplification, but not too much simplification.

  • Record the larger panel’s digit at the start and after every solved module*.
  • Modify all digits with the table. Subtract 10 if more than 9.
  • The table isn’t asking for display digits when it asks for numbers.
  • When all other modules* are solved, input the new sequence.
  • Incorrect inputs will show the panel's digit of that stage on the buttons.
Apply to the 1st digit:
  • If there are 0 unlit indicators, add number of lit indicators.
  • Otherwise, if there’s an unlit CAR indicator, add 2.
  • Otherwise, if there are more unlit than lit indicators, add 7.
  • Otherwise, add the last digit of the serial.
Apply to the 2nd digit:
  • If there’s 3+ digits in the serial and a serial port, add 3.
  • Otherwise, add the 1st digit + 1 if it’s even, or - 1 if it’s odd.
Apply to any other digit:
  • If any of the last 2 digits were 0, add the largest digit in the serial.
  • Otherwise, if any of the last 2 digits were odd, add the sum of those digits. If the sum exceeds 9, add 1 instead.
  • Otherwise, add the smallest odd digit in the serial. If none exist, add 9.

*Some modules are ignored by Forget Me Not.