On the Subject of Forget Me Now for Cheaters

No, this is not a boss module. Stop being judgemental. But here's a cheat.

  • This module has two screens, a main display on the bottom, and a stage counter on the right, and ten buttons numbered 0-9.

  • To activate the module and use this cheat sheet press the 0 button.

  • The number of stages the module has is equal to the number of modules on the bomb (not including needies). When the module has activated, it will display a number for all the stages one by one until all the stages have been shown.

  • After all the stages have been shown, press the calculated numbers on the numbered buttons in the order they were obtained.

  • If you did follow the manual and pressed 0 at the beginning, use column 1 for stage 1 and 2. Else you will have to look at the regular manual for the first 2 stages.

  • If an incorrect number is pressed for a stage, the module will strike and the displayed number for that stage will be shown with a light next to the corresponding numbered button. The stage display will also show the current stage number until the next correct input.

  • (If anything is wrong or wordy or you have any improvements for this cheat sheet make sure to let me know. Discord: GeekYiwen#7561 or E-mail: yiwenmc@gmail.com)

  • Thank you to Espik and Glatier for your suggestions and improvements!

Table 1:

For each stage:
  • If at least one of the previous calculated numbers are 0, get the number from Table2(col1) x 1st number of the Serial number, then round up. Add that to the displayed number and %10.
  • Otherwise, if the previous 2 calculated numbers are even, get the number from Table2(col2) - the number of stages. Make the number positive. Add that to the displayed number and %10.
  • Otherwise, get the number from Table2(col3) + the previous 2 calculated numbers. Add that to the displayed number and %10.

Table 2:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Stage No. one or both previous were 0 2 evens Otherwise
1 0.2 x 1st digit of S#* - -
2 0.4 - -
30.616 - stages*9 + previous 2*
*These are just a reminder. Don't consider them as extra values.