On the Subject of Forget Morse Not

-. . ...- . .-. / ..-. --- .-. --. . -

Upon each non-ignored module being solved, a Morse code transmission will be received via audio and a flashing light.

  • Transmit "RPT" to hear it again.
  • Transmit "QTQ" to hear future transmissions faster.
  • Transmit "QTS" to hear future transmissions slower.

If you receive "CQ", immediately reply by transmitting "R".

If you receive a number, immediately reply by transmitting exactly what was received at that stage.

If at any point you receive "??", respond with "E" to solve the module immediately.

In all other cases, you will receive a single letter. If the letter is in the table below, immediately reply by respond to the corresponding question. An affirmative answer is transmitted as "A", and a negative answer is transmitted as "N". Numeric answers are transmitted with numerals. Otherwise, remember the received letter for later.

P How many ports are on the bomb? X Is there a prime number of modules on the bomb?
V Is there a vowel in the serial number? B How many batteries are on the bomb?
R How many indicators contain the letter "R"? K Is there a modded widget on the bomb?

When all other non-ignored modules on the bomb have been solved, you will receive "?" (..--..) followed by a number. Transmit the letter remembered at that stage to solve the module. There may be multiple stages asked for.

To transmit a letter, press the module for all of its dots and dashes in order. Ensure that no more than one second passes between each dot and dash in the letter. For a dot, tap the module for less than half a second. For a dash, hold the module for more than half a second. Between letters, wait for more than a second.

Morse Code Reference