On the Subject of Literally Forgeting Perspectives

Imagination not required.

  • This module contains a big colored cube, 26 buttons lettered A-Z and two displays. The smaller displays the stage number, the bigger displays the input you entered.
  • Every time you solve a module the cube changes colors.*
  • Keep track of colors on the cube and the time left in minutes on the bomb when you solved any other module*. (Use the starting time for the first stage.)
  • The cube has 6 colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Magenta, Orange). The face you don't see has the color left.
  • When all other modules are solved, the cube will turn white and the smaller display will show "Input", indicating the module is ready to be solved.
  • Follow the instructions on the following pages and enter the acquired letter for each stage.
  • Step 1 is carried out once per bomb while subsequent steps are carried out every stage.
  • You'll get a strike when:-
    • A button was pressed before the module is ready to be solved.
    • Incorrect button was pressed. In this case the module will display the stage you got the strike on. The number that appears on the top of the cube is the time you got that stage on.
  • The module will be disarmed when all letters are entered correctly.
  • If there is any mistake/disambiguity on the manual, please contact Fang#1167 on Discord.

    *There are modules that are ignored by Forget Perspective

Step 1: Determining the Number of Characters to Shift.

  • Use the rule equals to (batt * ports)mod 10
  • X = numeric position of last letter in SN (A=1, B=2, ...)
  • Y = sum of SN Digits
  • The character shift will be used later on Step 4.

    0 Add 3.
    1 Add X.
    2 Subtract Y.
    3 Add Y, subtract number of plates.
    4 Add last digit of SN.
    5 Subtract BH, add 2X.
    6 Add number of lit indicators, add Y, subtract number of unlit indicators.
    7 Add X if there is a lit SIG, otherwise add Y.
    8 Add X and Y, subtract number of indicators, add number of D batteries.
    9 Add X if > 3 batteries, Otherwise subtract it, then add Y if > 3 indicators, Otherwise subtract it.

Step 2: Original Sequence

  • Look at the module so the top (U) face will be in front of you (A.K.A. Click on the module)
  • Place that face into face 1 in the following cube net and apply it for the cube:
  • Alt. method: With face 1 = Top, 2 = Front, 3 = Right, 4 = Back, 5 = Left, and 6 = Down
  • Take note each color from face 1-6, it will be used in Step 4.

Step 3: Determining row/column to use:

  • Determine which face is needed by using the table below, using first rule that applies:
  • If none applies, use Face 6.
If number of minutes is... Then use...
Divisible by 6 Face 1
Prime Number Face 2
Perfect Square Face 3
Less than 10 Face 4
Even Number Face 5
  • After obtaining the row number, use the column of its corresponding color of obtained Face X.

Step 4: Obtaining the final sequence

  • Find the sequence using the obtained row and column.
  • Replace the numbers back to the corresponding face color obtained on Step 2. This is your final sequence.
  • Don't forget to shift the number of characters by number obtained on Step 1 to be used on Step 5.
  • e.g. RBGYMO and 7min>F2 (B), Final sequence = 253416 = BMGYRO
Face/Color R B G Y M O
F1 135426 153642 165342 152436 145632 154263
F2 235164 253416 245316 256134 215436 251463
F3 342165 324516 352416 326145 312546 321654
F4 453162 435216 423516 436152 413256 431625
F5 524163 542316 534216 546123 514326 541632
F6 653421 635142 613542 632451 643152 634215

Step 5: Submitting rules

  • If all the letters in the sequence are consonants, submit the 5th letter.
  • Otherwise, if there is 3 or more vowels in the sequence, submit the 1st letter.
  • Otherwise, If there is 2 vowels in the sequence, use the first rule that applies in the table below.
    If... Then submit the...
    Last letter is a vowel 2nd letter
    2 consequentive vowels (Wrap around**) 3rd letter
    3 consequentive consonants (Wrap around***) 4th letter
    None of the above applies 6th letter
  • Otherwise, if there is only one vowel in the sequence, use the first rule that applies in the table below.
    If... Then submit the...
    Last letter is a vowel 2nd letter
    Otherwise 4th letter
    **Sequence with vowels on 1st and 6th considered as true for that statement.
    ***Sequence with consonants on 5th, 6th and 1st OR 1st, 2nd and 6th are considered as true for that statement.