On the Subject of Forget Perspective

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  • This module contains a big colored cube, 26 buttons lettered A–Z and two displays. The smaller displays the stage number, the bigger displays the input you entered.
  • Every time you solve a non-ignored module, the cube changes colors. Keep track of them and the time left in minutes on the bomb when you solved the module. (For the first stage use the starting time!)
  • The cube has 6 colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Magenta, Orange). The face you don’t see has the color left.
  • When all the modules are solved the cube will turn white and the smaller display will say "Input"
  • To solve the module follow the instructions on the following pages for each stage and enter the letter you got!
  • You’ll get a strike when:
    • You try to press a button before the module is ready to be solved
    • You press an incorrect button. In this case the module will display the stage you got the strike on. The green number that appears on the module is the time you got that stage on.
  • When you entered all the letters correctly the module will disarm.

  • First look at the module so the top face will be in front of you (A.K.A. Click on the module)
  • Place that face into face 1 in the following cube net and apply it for the cube:
  • Those will be the faces the manual will refer to by the "Face X"s.

Obtaining the starting face and cube net

Look at the following table to determine the starting face (use the first row that applies):
If... then...
the number of minutes you got the stage on is divisible by 6 Face 1
the number of minutes you got the stage on is prime Face 2
the number of minutes you got the stage on is a perfect square Face 3
the number of minutes you got the stage on is less than 10 Face 4
the number of minutes you got the stage on is even Face 5
none of the above applies Face 6

Next, use the cube net that corresponds to the starting face’s color as the cube net for that stage:

Rotate the cube

  • Look at the starting face you’ve got.
  • For faces 1 and 6 look at the cube so face 4 will be the top face!
  • For faces 2, 3, 4, 5 look at the cube so face 1 will be the top face!

Get the color order

Apply the cube net you’ve got to the cube starting from the face you’ve got (Put it in number 1 on the cube net) rotated as it is written down above. (If you can’t do it you have to imagine it)

Next, create a sequence of letters. The letters are the starting letters of the colors (R, B, G, Y, M, O), the order is the order that you got from applying the net based on the numbers on it.

Shift the letters

Use Character Shift’s rules to shift the letters you got!
  • The rule will be the number of batteries multiplied by the number of ports. Keep subtracting 10 until you get a number between 0 and 9!
  • X will be the numerical value of the last letter in the serial.
  • Y will be the sum of the serial number digits.

Acquire the correct letter

Use the sequence of shifted letters you got and stop at the first rule that applies in the following table:
(Y is not considered a vowel)
If... then...
there are at least 3 vowels in the sequence 1st letter
the last letter is a vowel 2nd letter
there are at least 2 consequentive vowels in the sequence (Wrap around) 3rd letter
there are at least 3 consequentive consonants in the sequence (Wrap around). This rule doesn’t apply if all the letters are consonants. 4th letter
all the letters in the sequence are consonants 5th letter
none of the above applies 6th letter

When the module is ready to be solved enter the letters you’ve got for each stage in order to solve the module.