On the Subject of Forget The Colors

Since when was trigonometry relevant to colors?

This module has 2 displays, a gear LED and number, 2 nixies, 3 cylinders, and a key. Note them down at the start, and after each solve. Colorblind mode uses ‘I’ as Pink and ‘P’ as Purple. If the background is green, refer to Forget Any Color.

For every stage on the module:

  1. Use the table to modify each nixie with their respective ‘L’/‘R’ columns from every cylinder left to right. Don’t record decimals and ignore divisions (/) or modulo (%) 0. Modulo both nixies by 10.
  2. Within the table, start on the color of the LED on the gear. Move up left nixie and move down right nixie, wrapping if needed.
  3. Create a 3-digit number with the left- then right nixie, and then the current ‘Edgework’ color plus both nixies plus the gear number modulo 10.

    Get the Sine (sin) of that 3-digit number and take the first five digits of the sine past the decimal point. This number can be negative. Write this 3-digit number to get the first 5 decimals in sine.

    Take the 3-digit display and get the first five digits of Cosine (cos) past the decimal point. Drop any negative signs to maintain a positive value. Write the 3-digit display to get the first 5 decimals in absolute cosine.

  4. Get the sum of sine and cosine. This number is needed later.
Color L R Edgework
Red +5 -1 + batteries
Orange -1 -6 - ports
Yellow +3 +0 + serial’s last digit
Green +7 -4 - solved modules
Cyan -7 -5 + port plates
Blue +8 +9 - modules
Purple +5 -9 + battery holders
Pink -9 +4 - lit indicators
Maroon +0 +7 + indicators
White -3 +5 - unlit indicators

When cylinders turn gray:

Add up all of the stage numbers, taking only the decimals.

Take this value and apply a cos-1 to it. This will require at least a scientific calculator. Floor the given value and drop all of the decimal values to get a number from 0 and 90. Keep it positive and use floored cos-1 below.

Input the number in the 2 nixies, then turn the key. When struck, cycle stages with the nixies. Turn the key to retry. Submit 90 if there were 0 stages.