On the Subject of Forget Them All

Remembering where you’ve been sure helps figuring out where you’re going to.

See the original manual for the original instructions.

Color Words Multiplier
(Y)ellow Wire # of AA Batteries
Gr(A)y Button, Key # of Port Plates
(B)lue Maze Starting Bomb Time (mins)
(G)reen Simon # of Duplicate Port Types
(O)range Morse # of Modules
(R)ed Cruel, Complicated, Broken, Cursed, Faulty # of Strikes
(L)ime Math, Number, Digit, Equation, Logic Serial No. Digit Total
(C)yan Word, Letter, Phrase, Text, Talk, Alphabet # of Letters in Serial No.
Brow(N) Code, Cipher # of Port Types
(W)hite Light, LED # of Lit Indicators
(P)urple Square, Circle, Triangle, Cube, Sphere # of Purple LED ON
(M)agenta Color, Colour # of Unlit Indicators
P(I)nk Melody, Harmony, Chord, Piano # of D Batteries