On the Subject of Foxed Freshly

A lot of people died for this mod

This module consists of 16 coloured buttons and two screens that each display four coloured messages.

Obtain an initial value from each message and use the operation associated with the displayed colors to compute the final values of each message.

Each final text value has a corresponding condition.
Press eight buttons that satisfy the conditions given by messages in the order they were displayed, top first then right.

If this is done correctly, the module will solve itself. If you strike like when you press a wrong button, the buttons pressed will be reset to 0.

If the color you get isn’t present, use the next color in line* until it is present. If there are multiple of the same color use the first occurrence** of that color.

*Example: If the color you get is Azure and the colors are Red, Yellow, Yellow, Green, Gray, Magenta, Rose, Lime, Blue, Rose, Lime, Jade, Violet, Rose, Rose, and Red. Press the Gray one because it is the next button in alphabetical order by one letter abbreviations.

**If you have two of them from the table, use the first occurrence for the first one and the second occurrence for the second one

Initial message values

Each message that can appear on the screen contains a letter of the alphabet:

  • If the fox is spelled incorrectly, add 34 to the position of the fox in alphabetical order.
  • If the fox is only first and last letters***, add 69 to the position of the fox in alphabetical order.
  • Otherwise, the initial value is the alphabetic position of the fox.

***F will be FF

See Appendix F0X3S for the correct spelling of the foxes.

Final message values

Each color has an associated operation to be applied to each of the initial values.

If the message contains...

  • "THE FOX", use the color of the next message on the screen.
  • "FOX", use the color of the current message on the other screen.
  • "MISSPELT", use the color of the next message on the other screen.
  • Only the fox used to obtain the initial value, use the color it is written in.

If the initial value is less than ten, its first digit is zero.

Operation tables

Colour Operation
White Do nothing
Red Add 5 times the first digit
Orange Add the product of the digits
Yellow Subtract the number from 100
Lime Add the square of the first digit
Green Subtract the sum of the digits
Jade Add the cube of the first digit

Colour Operation
Gr(a/e)y Swap the digits
Cyan Add the square of the second digit
Azure Add the sum of the digits
Blue Double the number and subtract one
Violet Add 7 times the second digit
Magenta Subtract 5 times the second digit
Rose Add 6 times the second digit

Condition Table

Take the last two digits of the final value and locate the corresponding cell in the grid below.

-0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9
0- A C K M O S Y Z K W
1- B G J L R V W A L V
2- A C K M O S Y Z K Y
3- B G J L R V W B M V
4- A C K M O S Y Z K Z
5- B G J L R V W C O V
6- A C K M O S Y Z K A
7- B G J L R V W G R V
8- A C K M O S Y Z K B
9- B G J L R V W J S V

: A
: B
: C
: D
f: E
F: F
Ϝ: G
Ғ: H
Ƒ: I
ϝ: J
: K
: L
: M
φ: N
Φ: O
ʩ: P
: Q
: R
ſ: S
: T
ف: U

Ֆ: V
ֆ: W
: X
Y: Y
y: Z

Appendix F0X3S:

Alopex Carmelita Chefei Cubit F Fidget
Fox Foxy Greg Ikazuchi James Krystal
Kurama Madfox Mangle Marcus Necky Nick
Ninjara Redd Reynardo Setsuna Simon Tails

Appendix Colours and One Letter Abbreviations: