On the Subject of Fractal Maze

How is one supposed to solve an infinite maze?

The module displays 3 squares and a diamond segmented into 4 smaller directional diamonds. In order to solve the module, reduce the fractal back to the -1'st iteration.

The 3 shown squares and the empty corner are part of a 2×2 grid. This 2×2 grid is your seed and your starting grid (or i0). To iterate the grid, copy the grid from the previous iteration onto each individual present square of the seed, applying the transformation given by the colour of the respective square.

The first maze to use is the third iteration, having a length and width of 16 squares. Each time you solve a maze, the previous iteration will be the next maze. When this happens you will stay in the same place as you were to reach the goal.

To navigate, use the diamond. This diamond also shows your location and the location of the goal. It first shows in what quadrant you are, then in what quadrant of that quadrant you are etc. until it points to one distinct square. Your location is shown in red and the goal's location in green. If the colours overlap they become yellow.

Each colour has as mentioned a transformation connected to it. To obtain this transformation, divide each colour into its RGB components. Colours with R=1 are Red, Magenta, Yellow, and White. Colours with G=1 are Green, Cyan, Yellow, and White. Colours with B=1 are Blue, Cyan, Magenta, and White.

If a colour has R=1, the grid will be flipped vertically. If a colour has G=1, the grid will be flipped horizontally. If a colour has B=1, the grid will be rotated 90 degrees clockwise. All applying conditions must be executed in this order.