On the Subject of Free Parking

For the record, I agree with Bob…

  • The module displays a “Free Parking” space and a Monopoly token.
  • Selecting the token will display a Monopoly board and a bank of Monopoly money.
  • To disarm the module, pay the bomb the amount of money it is owed for landing on “Free Parking”, followed by the “GO!” button.
  • Use the token on the module to determine a column of the below table.
  • Remove all letters from the serial number to get your starting value.
  • Modify your starting value for each row of the table where the condition is met or the named module is present. Apply the multiplier as many times as the condition is met or the module is present.
  • If your value is greater than $5000 upon completion of the full calculation, modulo 5000 at the time of submission. If you make an error, undo the modulo operation before recalculating.
  • If your value falls to $0 or lower after modification, the bomb receives nothing and the value will no longer increase upon solving further modules. Press the “GO!” button without paying any money.
  • NOTE: If there is a lit or unlit BOB indicator then the reward for landing on Free Parking is $0. Bob only plays by the official rules.
  • NOTE: If you have two or more (not including repeats) out of Burglar Alarm, Safety Safe and The Jewel Vault, or if the Bomb contains three or more modules with the word “Double” in their names, you must instead disarm the module by pressing the “Go To Jail” button.
  • NOTE: If you have The Jewel Vault, Silly Slots and Cheap Checkout modules on the bomb and all instances of them are solved, the reward for landing on Free Parking is $0. The Bomb is already bankrupt.
Cat Iron Top Hat Car Battle-
n solved modules +$100n +$20n +$150n +$10n +$75n +$200n +$50n
n strikes
Laundry, Cooking or Sink Module +$199 +$46 +$203 +$1045 -$52 +$209 +$62
Hieroglyphics or Lion’s Share Module -$123 +$7 +$1010 -$43 +$107 -$25 +$78
Maintenance or Gridlock Module -$77 +$49 +$56 -$15 -$168 +$1234 +$89
British Slang or London Underground Module +$32 +$77 -$204 +$33 +$1017 -$541 -$47
101 Dalmatians Module +$1001 +$33 -$505 -$55 +$22 -$101 -$44
Retirement Module +$201 +$1127 +$246 +$113 +$120 +$533 -$21
Battleships, Maritime Flags, Semaphore or Morse War Module -$47 -$72 +$152 +$38 +$53 -$217 +$1006