On the Subject of Fursona


  • On this module, there is an anthropomorphic creature.
  • There are also 18 sliders to change its various colors.
  • In reading order, and in groups of three, the sliders control head color, eye color, primary main color, secondary main color, tertiary main color, and miscellaneous color.
  • To solve the module, correctly color the creature.

Identifying Eye Color

Using the creature's species in the table below, identify the column with the greatest number. In case of a tie, use the further right column.

Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Yellow
Bat *I !I B BH P !P
Canine S3 S6 *P SL SN MC
Dragon !P MC P SN BH SL
Goat SL S3 BH *I SN S6
Lion P !I MC *P !P B
Manokit S6 B SN !P *I *P
Protogen BH MC S3 !I SL P
Sergal *P P *I SL !P !I
Skulldog SN S3 B MC S6 BH
Tiger !I BH !P S6 SL MC

*I = lit indicators
!I = unlit indicators
B = batteries
BH = battery holders
P = ports
!P = empty port plates
S3 = third serial number character
S6 = sixth serial number character
*P = port plates
SL = number of letters in serial number
SN = number of numbers in serial number
MC = number of modules on bomb

Identifying Other Colors

The creature's head color is always complementary to its eye color. The other four colors are assigned to the other four regions, but order doesn't matter.


Once you have colored the creature correctly, the module will automatically solve. You cannot strike on this module.