On the Subject of Gadgetron Vendor

“Hi there fuzzball!”

To continue on your journey to defeat Drek, you must first acquire some more firepower!

The display at the top shows how many bolts you have. The left display is your current weapon, how much ammo it currently has and its maximum capacity. The middle display is the current weapon for sale and the right display is the PDA icon.

Follow these steps:

  1. Calculate how many bolts it will cost to completely refill your current weapon.
  2. Subtract that amount from your bolt count. This is your new bolt count.
  3. Subtract the cost of the weapon for sale from your new bolt count.*
  4. If the amount of bolts you have now is greater than 9999, modulo that amount by 10000.
  5. Submit this amount.

*If at this point you don’t have enough bolts to buy the weapon on sale, skip this step.

If the PDA icon is lit green, the price of ammo is multiplied by 10.

Use the arrow buttons to change the value on the display. Press the red button to submit your answer. A wrong answer will cause a strike.

“Ammo Price” is how much 1 ammo costs for that weapon.

Some of the weapons in the table will have a letter instead of a number for their ammo price. Use this table to calculate how much 1 ammo costs for that weapon:

A = indicators + 1.

B = (batteries + port plates + 1) × 2

C = ports + 1

D = first digit + last digit of the serial number + 1

No refunds!

Gadgetron is not responsible for any injury or death caused by using our products.

Weapon: Icon: Name: Ammo Price: Weapon Price:
Blaster 1 2500
Bomb Glove 5 1000
Decoy Glove 10 7500
Devastator 50 10000
Drone Device 40 7500
Glove of Doom 40 7500
Mine Glove 5 7500
Morph-O-Ray A 50000
Pyrocitor 1 2500
R.Y.N.O. 20 150000
Suck Cannon B 15000
Taunter C 2500
Tesla Claw 2 40000
Visibomb 100 15000
Walloper D 7500