On the Subject of Game of Colors

A decision is never white or black.

  • A five by five grid of colors will be displayed, each of which will be a color within the CMYK coloring system.
  • Split each channel based on its primary color and do the following for each square:
    • If a cell is on, and there are two or three neighboring cells (orthogonal and diagonal) who are also on, then the cell stays on. Otherwise it turns off.
    • If a cell is off, and there are three neighboring cells (orthogonal and diagonal) who are on, then the cell turns on. Otherwise it stays off.
  • Color the grid so that it matches the result of all three channels overlaid and submit by using the color indicator on the right.
Cyan (C) Yellow (Y) Magenta (M) Blue (B) Green (G) Red (R) Black (K)







  • Click a Read or Solution cell to select it, then press C/M/Y/B/G/R/ K/W(Space) or click the buttons to color the selected cell.
  • Right-Click a Read or Solution cell to cycle its color.
  • Click a single-color cell to toggle between occupied and empty.
  • Right-Click a single-color cell to mark it to be changed in the next iteration.
  • Colorblind mode shows the color letters in each Read or Solution cell.
  • Use the buttons below each grid to save the state, reset saves, reset the grid, or reset everything.