On the Subject of Garfield Karts

Garfield Kart 2 (in HD) coming out this fall! This is why you never EVER tell anyone you’ll make a module if they make a manual for it.

This module is based off the hit title: Garfield Kart. It shows a section of a racetrack and six numbers at the top. In order to solve the module you have to determine what place you get. Selecting the wrong place will give you a strike.

To find out who you are, look at the Venn diagram. The letter you get from the Venn diagram is the first letter of the name of your character.

Circle ColorCondition
BlueSerial Number contains a letter in "Garfield".
GreenSerial Number contains a letter in "Kart".
OrangeAny lit indicator contains a letter in "Garfield Kart".

Once you have found out who you are, you need to find out where you are. The module will show a section of an image associated with a racetrack. Racetracks are in Appendix GARF.

For the remainder of the manual, you will need to calculate the number G.

  1. Find the number that the track is on (it is the tab that is yellow up top)
  2. Multiply that against the cup the track is located in (the cup is located top left). The values of the cups are listed below. This number is now G.
    PizzaLasagna*HamburgerIce Cream

    *If your character is Garfield, the actual multiplier is 522, the amount of lasagna he eats per day.

    • If the module has one puzzle piece (it will be blue if so), then add the position of the puzzle piece (from left to right) to G.
    • If the module has two puzzle pieces, get the multiplicative digital root of G if the track is City Slicker, otherwise get the additive digital root. This digital root is now G.
    • If the module has three or zero puzzle pieces, modulo 13 then factorial G.
  1. If the last letter of your character is in the track name, multiply G by 23.
  2. If G is below 100, add 200. If it is above 10,000, modulo by 10,000.
  3. Multiply G by your character’s speed, drop all decimals.
  4. Add the amount of letters in your character’s name to G.
  5. Multiply G by your character’s acceleration, rounding up.
  6. If your track contains an even amount of letters, multiply G by five, otherwise multiply by seven.
  7. Multiply G by your character’s handling, drop all decimals.
  8. Modulo G by six, then add 1. This is your final value for G.

G is now the place you got. Select the button at the top with that number.

Appendix GARF