On the Subject of Geometry Dash

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See Appendix L3V3LS for level identification reference.

NOTE: This module is easier if you have a decent amount of knowledge about the video game Geometry Dash already.

This module is themed after the rhythm game "Geometry Dash". It starts off with a play button and an image from the game.

Pressing the play button will start a clip of a Geometry Dash level from Appendix L3V3LS. The clip will last for about 10 seconds, and then a new screen will appear showing four cube images from the game as well as a play again and reset button.

To solve the module the correct cube must be pressed, which is determined by a number. To calculate the number you will need to get a bit of information about the level played in the clip. If the defuser missed important details you can always play the clip again by pressing the play again button. If the defuser doesn’t like the clip and wants a new one, they can press the reset button to reset the module with a new clip. The module can only be reset once, so choose wisely!

If the incorrect cube is pressed, a strike will be recorded and the module WILL NOT reset.

Determining the Number

Using the table on page 2, you will modify a starting number to end up with the number you need to find out which cube is correct. This starting number is the sum of the digits in the serial number. The table has pictures of objects from the game in the leftmost column. If the clip of the level has any of these specified objects present, perform the action on your number for each present object in the middle column. If the object is not present in the clip, perform the rightmost action on your number. Keep in mind an object is considered present if any part of the object is visibly present. All actions must be performed from top to bottom.

NOTE: Whenever the table references the "level" it means the level played in the clip.

Determining the Number (cont.)

Geometry Dash Objects If any present in clip... Otherwise...
Add the number of vowels (including Y) in the level’s song creator. Subtract 9.
If level’s name ends with the letter R, subtract 5. Otherwise, add the number of RJ-45 ports. Add the alphabetic position of the first letter in the level’s verifier where A=0...Z=25.
If the level is a collab (multiple creators), multiply by 3. Otherwise, multiply by 2. Add the number of creators who made the level.
Add the sum of the alphabetic positions of each letter in the level’s name where A=1...Z=26. Add (the number of lit indicators + 7).
Subtract the sum of the number of battery holders and number of letters in the level’s difficulty. Multiply by the number of letters in the level’s song title.
Add (8 + the number of unlit indicators). Add alphabetic position of the second to last letter in the last creator of the level alphabetically where A=1...Z=26.
Multiply by the sum of the number of Us, Ls, and Es present in the bomb’s serial number and the number of ports. Subtract the starting number minus the number of letters in the level’s song creator.

Determining the Number (cont.)

Now take the modified number and modulo it by 20, then add 1. This is the number you need to get the correct cube.

Determining the Correct Cube

Using the number you determined look it up in the tables below and get the corresponding cube. This cube is the one that needs to be pressed on the module.

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15

16 17 18 19 20

Appendix L3V3LS

The following table lists important information about each Geometry Dash level included in this module. If you don’t know what the levels look like, use this for reference.

Level Creators Verifier Difficulty Song Title Song Creator
A Bizarre Phantasm Hermes, Motu, COSINE, Reple, Ryan LC, Luneth, Koreaqwer, RedDragon, WOOGI1411, ZenthicAlpha, Miner, Zelda, Yuri GoodSmile Extreme Demon Betrayal of Fate Goukisan
AntiPixel Echonox Echonox Harder Grizzly(WIP) Envy
ColorZ Xtobe5 Xtobe5 Normal Streetlights Envy
Drowning Lugunium, Tronzeki, ConstaNEO, Parallon, Rlol, Nekho, Pineapple, Azartt, KowZ, NoctaFly, Axxorz, Gibbon, Atlas, TiTi26, FreeZor, DarwinGD HexagonDashers Insane Drowning Omnivore
Dry Out RobTop RobTop Normal Dry Out DJVI
Dynamic On Track Crepuscule Crepuscule Hard Back On Track DJVI
Electroman Adventures RobTop RobTop Insane Electroman Adventures Waterflame

Appendix L3V3LS (cont.)

Level Creators Verifier Difficulty Song Title Song Creator
Galatic Fragility Koreaqwer, Tutti, Ple5, Vortiz, Hades, Gigas, ATHG, Theta, Dark Boshy, Dorami Tricks33 Insane Demon Eurodancer TMM43
Grind District TriAxis, Etzer TriAxis Harder Grind District Waterflame
Lights And Thunder Lyod Lyod Easy Demon Electrodynamix Dj-Nate
love baba Zobros, Demonico17 Zobros Insane Demon The Empire Of Toads Bossfight
Lunar Ocean Gelt Gelt Hard Solar Rain Geoplex
Old Auto Zone Gelt Gelt Auto Clubstep Dj-Nate
Problematic Dhafin Dhafin Easy Demon Problematic Rukkus
ReTraY DiMaViKuLov26 DiMaViKuLov26 Easy Golden Haze (Prev) Detious
Sakupen Hell Noobas TrusTa Extreme Demon Iron God: Sakupen Hell Yes RMX mr-jazzman
Speed Racer ZenthicAlpha ZenthicAlpha Easy Demon Chaoz Impact ParagonX9
Takeoff Nasgubb Nasgubb Medium Demon Jet Set MadHouseDude
Time Machine RobTop RobTop Harder Time Machine Waterflame
Uprise Blad3m, Menkatjezzz Ninetails Extreme Demon Uprise Envy

Appendix L3V3LS (cont.)

Level Creators Verifier Difficulty Song Title Song Creator
Valor Inversion, MrSleepy, TheDevon, Mosertron, Megaman9, Pizzafire, Dysfunctional Popo, Benjamaster7, KrmaL, Uzendayo, Viceroy, Alter, Hexhammer, jdfr03 KrmaL Insane Demon Vigor AeronMusic