On the Subject of Gnomish Puzzle

The gnomes judge you worthy...

On the module there are:

  • 7 symbols: Boot, Fence, Flamingo, Flower, Fork, Hand, Shovel (symbol reference in Appendix S)
  • 7 LEDs, one below each symbol
  • 3 levers

Your job is to arrange the symbols in the correct order using the 3 levers:

  • The left one shifts the whole sequence left by one
  • The middle one swaps the 3rd and the 5th symbol
  • The right one shifts the whole sequence right by one

Once a symbol is in the correct position, the LED below it will light up.

However, if a text saying “THE GNOMES JUDGE YOU WORTHY...” appears after the first lever pull, the final sequence is:

  1. Shovel
  2. Fence
  3. Flamingo
  4. Flower
  5. Hand
  6. Fork
  7. Boot

The module will solve once every symbol is in the correct position.

Appendix S: Symbol Reference

Symbol Name