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On the Subject of Golf


This module consists of 3 displays, the top for your answer and the bottom two for information about the 9 holes played. Use the arrow buttons at the bottom to change the hole you would like to view. There’s also a wind direction in the top-left which can be in one of 16 different directions, a submit button to submit your final score and number buttons to input the score. Note: There is no backspace button, so be careful.

To calculate the score on each hole, you first need to calculate the Par scores on each hole. This can be done by taking the value you get from the table on the left modulo 4, then adding 4. Once you have the score for each hole, use the table on the right to get the score for the hole based on the Par score.

HoleLast SN Digit
1IndicatorsD batteries
2SN lettersAA batteries
3BatteriesSN digits
4SN digitsPort plates
6ModulesSN letters
7Battery holdersIndicators
8Port platesPorts
Hole in One1 stroke, regardless of Par
Eagle2 strokes under Par
Birdie1 stroke under Par
ParPar strokes
Bogey1 stroke over Par
Double Bogey2 strokes over Par
Triple Bogey3 strokes over Par
+nn strokes

The handicap can be achieved by using the wind direction diagram at the top of the manual, where the number in the diagram is the handicap. The final answer you submit into the module is the sum of all the scores on each hole plus the handicap.