On the Subject of Goofy’s Game

1 11 21 1211 111221 312211...

This module shows 3 LEDs, a display, 11 circular buttons, and a submit button. Find the correct sequence to submit following the rules below.

Obtaining numbers

First, obtain the three numbers represented by the LEDs flashing in Morse code. Call the first number A, the second number B, and the third number C. Calculate your number using the rules below.

  • X = sum of characters in the serial number. For letters, take the alphabetic position (e.g. A=1, B=2...).
  • Y = total number of battery holders + indicators + port plates.
  • If the delete button is in the top left position, your new number is (A+X) × (B+Y) + (C+X).
  • Otherwise, swap all occurrences of X and Y in the previous formula and then calculate your new number using this formula.

Iterating the sequence

  1. Start with the number obtained in the previous step.
  2. For each set of consecutive numbers, take the amount of digits in this section and concatenate the values of these digits (e.g. 111221 -> 111 22 1 -> 31 22 11).
  3. Then concatenate all these values (e.g. 31 22 11 -> 312211).
  4. Repeat this process 3 more times using your new number.
  5. Submit the number you’ve obtained.