On the Subject of Graphic Memory

Now it’s less graphic, I assume?

  • Press any button to start disarming the module.
  • This module has 4 stages (3 presses). Pressing an incorrect button will cause a strike and reset the module.
  • For each button press, refer to all the tables below to determine the correct button (with the most conditions that applies). If there are tie, press any of the tied buttons.
  • What you need to note:-
    • Position of pressed button (TL/TR/BL/BR). (TL Table)
    • Number of R,B,Y,G,O,P squares and number of R,B,Y,G,O,P triangles (TR Table)
    • Number of majority squares (more squares than triangles) and majority triangles (more triangles than squares) pressed. (ML Table)
    • Total of RBY (combined) and GOP (combined) colors. (MR Table)
    • Number of triangles and squares. (BL Table)
    • Total of R,B,Y,G,O,P color (BR Table)
  • On every stage, add the numbers determined above to the calculated number on previous stages.
More ... buttons are pressed More ... than other shape
Top-LeftBRBlue TrianglesTL
Top-RightTLGreen TrianglesTR
Bottom-LeftTRYellow SquaresBL
Bottom-RightBLPurple SquaresBR
(two or more buttons are equal)Skip(none applies)Skip
More buttons with ... are pressedPreviously pressed have more ...
Majority trianglesTLTotal of RBY than GOP colorsTR
Majority squaresBLTotal of GOP than RBY colorsBR
(none applies)Skip(Total of RBY = GOP)Skip
More total ...Rare case
SquaresBREqual amount of all possible colorsTL
(Squares = Triangles)TL