On the Subject of Gray Hexabuttons

There are some topics that have a gray area to them. This module is one of them.

Each non-center button is assigned both a value and a function. Each value will be unique and will range from 1 - 6. Each function will also be unique. The functions used are in the table down below:


X represents the button's value and CON represents the constant. The constant is assigned a value between 1 - 6 and never changes between button to button.

When pressed, the button's value goes through the button's function and the result is displayed on the center button.

Exactly one button will have it’s value printed on itself. One or more of the buttons will have its function letter printed on itself.

Pressing the center button will cause it to flash, indicating that the module is in submission mode. Pressing it again will stop the flashing, exiting it out of submission mode.

To disarm the module, press the non-center buttons in ascending order of the values while in submission mode.

Pressing an incorrect button will take it out of submission mode, resetting any input you’ve made.