On the Subject of Gryphons

Gryphons are majestic, powerful, and cuddly. This one has an explosive taste in fashion.

  • This module displays a changeable picture of a gryphon, as well as their name and age. There are buttons on the left which change their bird type, buttons on the right which change their cat type, buttons on the bottom which change the accessory they're wearing, and a white submit button above them.

  • Start in the cell in Table A equal to the gryphon's age counting in reading order (1 would be Eagle/Tiger, 2 is Falcon/Tiger, etc.), then count a number of cells forward in reading order equal to a character's value: either the digit's value or the letter's position in the English alphabet, whichever is applicable. Wrap around if necessary.
  • If the gryphon's name has a number of letters that is a multiple of four, or the name DOES NOT contain either an I or an E, use the serial number's first character, otherwise use the serial number's fifth character.

  • After this, move down a number of rows, wrapping around if necessary, equal to another character's value: either that digit's value or that letter's position in the English alphabet, whichever is applicable.
  • If the gryphon's name is shorter than six letters or contains a Z or U, use the serial number's second character, otherwise use the serial number's fourth character.

  • The cell you finish in will correspond to the gryphon's bird type and cat type, and will also contain a number. Add this number to the gryphon's age, and add that sum to the values of the third and sixth characters in the serial number as above. Take this number modulo 6 (that is, get the remainder of the number divided by 6), and use this number on List B to find which accessory the gryphon should be wearing.

  • Use the arrows to change the gryphon's type and accessory, then use the submit button to submit your answer. On a correct answer, the module will be disarmed, otherwise a strike will be given.

Table A: Gryphon Types

Bird Type
Eagle Falcon Peacock Cardinal Blue Jay Crow
Cat Type Tiger 9 2 -2 4 2 4
Lion 5 4 8 5 4 5
Cheetah 4 5 2 4 7 2
Panther 2 4 -5 2 5 10
Snow Leopard 5 4 2 5 11 5
Housecat 5 2 4 12 2 -4

List B: The Accessories

  • 0: Watch
  • 1: Visor
  • 2: Shoes
  • 3: Scarf
  • 4: Headphones
  • 5: Shades