On the Subject of Guitar Chords

You hum it, I’ll play it.

  • The module consists of a guitar fretboard, three level displays and a play button.
  • To defuse the module, you must enter the finger positions of the given chords at the capo position.
  • Entering a wrong or invalid chord will cause a strike.
  • Use the chord chart to determine the position of each chord.
  • Press a fret to select it. Press it again to deselect it.
  • At each stage, the capo positions are determined by the tables below. Use the first condition that applies.
  • The capo position relocates the chord on the fretboard.
  • For example, capo 3 will move any fingers on the first fret to the fourth fret. Capo 8 will move any fingers on the third fret to the eleventh fret etc. Any empty strings are unaffected by the capo, and remain empty.

Capo Position

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Condition Capo Position Condition Capo Position Condition Capo Position
A lit BOB indicator is present 9 A PS/2 or serial port are present 5 No batteries are present 3
A parallel & RJ-45 port are present 7 The serial number contains a vowel 0 The sum of the serial number digits is less than 10 5
Fewer than three batteries are present 5 More than five batteries are present 9 An FRQ indicator is present 7
The last digit of the serial number is odd 3 An unlit SIG indicator is present 7 An RCA or a DVI-D port are present 0
Otherwise 0 Otherwise 3 Otherwise 9

Chord Chart

The chords are displayed below in the same orientation as the guitar on the module (i.e. the head, with the tuning pegs, is on the right hand side).

Chord Name Chord Position Chord Name Chord Position Chord Name Chord Position
Ab C Em
Ab7 C7 E7
Abm7 Cm7 Em7
A C# F7
Am C#m Fm7
A7 C#7 F#
Am7 C#m7 F#m
Bb D F#7
Bbm Dm F#m7
Bbm7 D7 G
B Dm7 Gm
Bm Ebm G7
B7 Eb7