On the Subject of Gyromaze

Now you too can experience… nausea.

  • Navigate from the starting position to the ending position using the two arrows. Attempting to pass through a wall in the maze will strike and return you to the starting position and orientation.
  • The starting position is determined with the number of ports modulo 4 and the number of batteries modulo 4.
  • The ending position is determined by the two LEDs beside the module.
  • The maze used is determined by the last digit of the bomb’s serial number and the material of the wheel in the center of the module.
Batteries % 4
0 1 2 3
% 4
Mat. 0,1 2,3 4,5 6,7 8,9

Navigating the Maze

  • The maze contains a “pawn”, which begins at the starting position and can move through the maze.
  • The pawn initially begins in the same orientation as the module: Pressing the up button will move the pawn one cell upwards, and the down button will move one cell downwards.
  • Upon pressing an arrow button, the pawn will move in that direction, and then the pawn will rotate 90° clockwise. This will alter the directions which the buttons will move you.
  • Pressing the wheel will rotate the pawn without moving.
  • The arrow buttons always move the pawn relative to its rotation.