On the Subject of HTTP Response

When your bomb acts as a web server...

  • The module displays a remote or local status string. You must response to it with a 3-digit status code.
  • Remote codes can be found on Table 1 while local codes can be found on Table 2.
  • An undisclosed source told us that, due to display limits, some strings may be abbreviated.
  • Use the keypad to enter the correct response code to disable the needy module.
  • Caution: There’s no delete button, so be careful!

Table 1: Remote status, response as listed.

Full name Abbrev. Response Full name Abbrev. Response
Continue Cont 100 Unauthorized Unauth 401
Switching Protocols SwPrt 101 Payment Required PayReq 402
Processing Proc 102 Forbidden Frbd 403
OK OK 200 Not Found NFnd 404
Created Crtd 201 Request Time-out TmOut 408
Moved Permanently MvPerm 301 Gone Gone 410
Found Found 302 I’m a teapot ImaTp 418
Not Modified NMod 304 Internal Server Error SrvErr 500
Use Proxy UPrx 305 Bad Gateway BGw 502
Bad Request BadR 400 Service Unavailable SrvUn 503

Table 2: Local status. Add the number of batteries times the sum of the numerical digits in the serial number to the response first.

Full name Abbrev. Response Fullname Abbrev. Response
Strike Stk 601 Detonate Dtn 602
Pass Ps 603 Press Prs 604
Command Cmd 605 Release Rls 606
Blue Blue 701 Green Grn 702
Red Red 703 Yellow Yel 704
Black Blk 705 White Wht 706
Cut Cut 801 Unscrew Uns 802
Set Set 803 Locate Loc 804
Indicator Indc 805 Batteries Batt 806
Timer Tmr 901 Lower Lwr 902
Upper Upr 903 Lever Lvr 904
Time Time 905 Done Done 906

Note: In the rare case the response number is over 999, subtract 999 from the response code.