On the Subject of Hand Turkeys

No wonder the soup was so expensive this year, it had 24 carrots.

  • This module contains a hand turkey with four colored feathers on each finger.
  • Use the color and finger position of each feather to obtain a synonym for that color. If any other solvable module on the bomb has an odd number of letters in common with this synonym, this feather represents a 1, otherwise, it represents a 0.
  • Look up the resulting binary number in the second table to find out what to be grateful for, and write this word on the turkey. Use the arrow button to cycle through the alphabet on the letter button (long press to go backwards), and press the letter button to write the currently displayed letter on the turkey. The module will solve once the full word is written, and strike as soon as any incorrect letter is written.
Pinky Ring Middle Index
Red Crimson Sanguine Carmine Scarlet
Green Lime Forest Verdant Olive
Cyan Turquoise Teal Aquamarine Azure
Magenta Purple Violet Lavender Mauve

0000 Family 0001 Friends 0010 Food 0011 House
0100 Medicine 0101 Doctors 0110 Firemen 0111 Animals
1000 Music 1001 Games 1010 Football 1011 Modules
1100 Weather 1101 Nature 1110 Quaaludes 1111 Latinas