On the Subject of Hieroglyphics

Desecrate this module at your own risk. Death will come on swift wings to whomsoever fails to disarm it...

  • The module consists of a large, circular seal, two lock buttons and a wall of hieroglyphics.
  • To disarm the module, you must configure the locks correctly and then press the seal at the correct time.
  • The top row of small hieroglyphics show the five types of hieroglyphic that will appear on the module.
  • The next three rows have an archaeological number attached to them. This is the sum of the hieroglyphics in the row.
  • The first hieroglyphic in the 3-character row will always have the value 1.
  • Each of the other four hieroglyphics will have a different value from 2–5.
  • The four larger hieroglyphics determine the lock configuration.
  • The two hieroglyphics on the left refer to the Anubis (left) lock and the two on the right refer to the Horus (right) lock.
  • Use the below table to determine which configuration each of the locks should be set to. Change the lock position by pressing the button.
Lock Position
Anubis Horus
2 & 3 Left Centre
2 & 4 Centre Right
2 & 5 Right Left
3 & 4 Centre Left
3 & 5 Left Right
4 & 5 Right Centre
  • To calculate the seal press time, take the first hieroglyphic to appear on this list that also appears on the module:
    • Male, Bull, Urn, Eye of Horus, Ankh, Goose, Lion, Water, Head of Cow, Mosaic, Lasso, Two Reeds, Scales, Bone
  • Count all appearances of that hieroglyphic and multiply it by its value.
  • Press the seal when the digital root of the product is equal to the last digit of the second timer to disarm the module.
  • Pressing the seal at an incorrect time or with the locks configured incorrectly will cause a strike.
  • See the below table for a list of hieroglyphics that may appear on the module:
Hieroglyphic Name Hieroglyphic Name Hieroglyphic Name
E Ankh T Bone B Bull
D Eye of Horus K Goose U Head of Cow
O Horn W Lasso L Lion
A Male V Mosaic M Owl
R Scales G Tent Q Triangle
Y Two Reeds C Urn N Water