On the Subject of Hitman

Welcome to the world of assassination.

Good morning, Agent.

Your objective is to identify and enter the name of the target to eliminate them. The potential Hitman are all from contracts that other Hitmen (games) have sent in.

Cycle through the contracts with the arrow buttons. When you believe you have the correct contract for the displayed target, press the fire button to execute the target. We are watching you to make correction as necessary, but surely it won't have to come down to that. Right, Agent?

Oh, and do be aware that the full name in this document may not quite match your target's displayed name. It will be close, though. Any parts that are likely to be missing are in parenthesis. Omit these parts when using the Remote Assassination Device (Twitch Plays) commands.

I will leave you to prepare. Happy hunting.


Kalvin Ritter

Jasper Knight

Dalia Margolis

Viktor Novikov

Silvio Caruso

Francesca De Santis

Claus (Hugo) Strandberg

Reza Zaydan

Jordan Cross

Ken Morgan

Sean Rose

Ezra Berg

Penelope Graves

Maya Parvati

Erich Soders

Yuki Yamazaki

Dino Bosco

Kong Tuo Kwang

Matthieu Mendola

Marco Abiatti

Oybek Nabazov

Sister Yulduz

Craig Black

Brother Akram

Bradley Paine

Owen Cage

Klaus Liebleid

Hitman II:

Alma Reynard

Robert Knox

Sierra Knox

Rico Delgado

Andrea Martinez

Jorge Franco

Wazir Kale

Dawood Rangan

Vanya Shah

Nolan Cassidy


Zoe Washington

Sophia Washington

Athena Savalas

Tyson Williams

Ljudmila Vetrova

Steven Bradley

Dmitri Fedorov

Blair Reddington

Basil Carnaby

Ajit Krish

Galen Vholes

Hitman III:

Carl Ingram

Marcus Stuyvesant

Alexa Carlisle

Agent Banner

Agent Chamberlin

Agent Green

Agent Davenport

Agent Lowenthal

Agent Montgomery

Agent Price

Agent Rhodes

Agent Swan

Agent Thames

Agent Tremaine


Imogen Royce

Tamara Vidal

(Don) Archibald Yates

Arthur Edwards

Elusive Targets:

Adalrice Candelaria

Anthony (L.) Troutt

Jonathan Smythe

Gabriel Santos

Harry Bagnato

Marv Gonif

Kieran Hudson

Richard (J.) Magee

Etta Davis

Richard Foreman

The Censor

Inez Ekwensi

Richard Ekwensi

Nila Torvik

(Dame) Barbara
(Elizabeth) Keating

Jimmy Chen

Miranda Jamison

Mark Faba

Vincente Murillo

Brendan Conner

Hitman 2: Sniper Assassin

Dorian Lang

Doris Lee

Guillaume Maison

Jin Noo

Lhom Kwai

Re Thak

Roman Khabko

Vitaly Reznikov