On the Subject of Hogwarts

Alohomora! ... Hm, why doesn’t that solve the module?

  • The aim is to solve other modules on the bomb — one for each of the Houses of Hogwarts — then determine which House wins the House Cup.
  • At the start, the names of other modules on the bomb are listed on Hogwarts. Use the left/right buttons to scroll through them.
  • Each module name is accompanied with the banner of one of the four Houses of Hogwarts, listed below.
  • When you solve a module on this bomb while that module’s name is selected on Hogwarts, the associated House wins a number of points (see below). The remaining modules for that House are removed from selection.
  • Once every House has received a solved module, Hogwarts displays the seals of the Houses still under consideration. Select the one that has received the most points.
  • Solving unselected modules in such a way that one of the Houses can no longer receive any points will result in a strike.
  • Solving modules in such a way that two Houses will be tied for the House Cup will also result in a strike. In such a case, either House can be selected to solve the module.
  • If the House seals are already shown on the module when the bomb activates, press any seal to solve the module.
Godric Gryffindor
[C×1, D×2, F×2, G×2, I×2, N×1, O×2, R×3, Y×1]
Colour: Red
Helga Hufflepuff
[A×1, E×2, F×4, G×1, H×2, L×2, P×1, U×2]
Colour: Yellow
Rowena Ravenclaw
[A×3, C×1, E×2, L×1, N×2, O×1, R×2, V×1, W×2]
Colour: Blue
Salazar Slytherin
[A×3, E×1, H×1, I×1, L×2, N×1, R×2, S×2, T×1, Y×1, Z×1]
Colour: Green

Points calculation

  • Take the name of the module (as shown on Hogwarts) and the full name of its House’s founder.
  • For every letter, multiply the number of times that letter occurs in the module’s name with the number of times it occurs in the founder’s name.
  • To help you, the table shows the number of occurrences of each letter in each of the founders’ names.
  • The House earns the sum of those points.