On the Subject of Hold On

Ok...? Now what?

This module contains a button that says "on". To solve the module, the button must be held for a certain number of seconds*. Use the table below to find out how long the button must be held for.

But if there is a lit Bob and exactly 5 batteries, repeatedly press the button until the module is solved.

0–1 Batteries 2–3 Batteries 4–5 Batteries 6+ Batteries
Number of solved modules (Mod 6) 0 solvedA7C4
1 solved5108B
2 solved79E12
3 solved1151110
4 solved3D513
5 solved8295

*A beep will play for every second the button’s been held

If the number is negative, multiply it by -1. Modulo the result by 20. If the number is 0, tap the button.

A 2 * (Battery holders) + (Batteries)
B 2 * (Total modules) + (Indicators) - 8
C (Last digit of serial#) + (Total modules) - 1
D Indicators * (3 - Batteries)
E Laziness prevailes! Tap the button