On the Subject of Homophones

English is a stupid language.

  • The module shows four coloured buttons, each with a cyclable number, a larger cycle button, a screen with a word and four indicators.
  • Each of the four words will determine the number that should be on each of the buttons.
  • The first button’s number (left to right) is determined by the first stage’s word, the second button’s number by the second stage’s word etc. Use the table to match the given word to the correct number.
  • The first stage is indicated by the top left indicator. Subsequent stages are in reading order. Press the cycle button to show the other stages.
  • The four words are variants on the letters/number I, C, L and 1.
  • Only one of each type of word will appear on the module.
  • Once you have set the correct labels on each button, push the buttons linked to each word in the order they appear in the four stages.
  • The colour references for each of the word types is shown in the table.
  • You must set all the numbers correctly before entering the button sequence.
  • Pressing a button with the numbers set incorrectly will immediately cause a strike and reset the module.
  • Pressing the buttons out of order will cause a strike and reset the module when you have completed the sequence of four buttons.
Displayed Word
Button Label I-words C-words L-words 1-words
  • A lower-case ‘L’ will have a distinct tail. The digit ‘1’ will have a distinct peak. An upper-case ‘I’ will be a straight line.