On the Subject of Human Resources

Just like management... ignore the problem about to blow up, and care more about the small details like personnel.

The module will show 10 employees, half current employees (green), and half applicants (red). It will also show 5 personality types in a combination of red and green.

First, an employee needs to be terminated, due to repeated complaints. The 3 personality types in red are descriptors used in those complaints. For each descriptor, use the table to find out which MBTI personality type[1] matches that descriptor.

Consider each of the four traits measured by the MBTI types. If the same trait is shared by all three descriptors (e.g., they all have E for the first classification), that trait is REQUIRED. If the trait differs between the 3, the more common trait is PREFERRED.

Of all current employees, terminate the employee having the most REQUIRED traits. If multiple employees have the most REQUIRED traits, of those employees ONLY, terminate the employee with the most PREFERRED traits. If there is still a tie, any such employee may be terminated. Terminate an employee by selecting them, and hitting the Hire/Fire button.

After termination, a new applicant must be hired to keep counts up. The same process used to terminate an employee will be followed to find the applicant (red) to hire — using the 2 personality types in green, in addition to the personality type of the employee terminated, instead of the red ones.

Person MBTI Type Descriptor Person MBTI Type Descriptor