On the Subject of Hunting

Are you the hunter? Or are you the hunted?

Table A
1 2
3 4
Table B
4 3
2 1

The two pictograms on the display on the module’s upper left correspond to the row and column of a grid entry in the below table. This grid entry indicates one decoy. Use the appropriate Table as described below to determine the actual decoy pictogram.

In each later stage, an additional pair of row and column pictograms is displayed to indicate another decoy in addition to the earlier grid entries. In the last stage there will be four grid entries to reference in total.

To progress to the next stage, press any button not labeled with a decoy. The module is disarmed after the fourth stage is complete. Pressing a button labeled with a decoy resets the module.

If the current stage’s column pictogram appears to the left of the row pictogram, use Table A on the right to determine which position all of the grid entries use this stage to determine the decoy pictograms. Otherwise, use Table B. The numbers in the tables refer to the current stage.