On the Subject of HyperForget Optimized

You’re telling me I have to stare at this 4-dimensional creature throughout the whole bomb?


  • Take each character in the serial number and convert any letters to their alphabetic A1Z26 equivalents. Treat these as 6 separate numbers.
  • Modulo each number by 4.
  • Convert the result of each number to a 2-digit binary representation with 0's being represented as "-"'s and 1's being represented as "+"'s.
  • Copy and past this list of 6 pairs of "+-"'s until there are at least as many pairs as stages.


For each stage:

  • Read the rotations of the hypercube on the bomb after transformation.
  • Find the relevant rotation in the table below and its associated "+-" string.
  • Take the first unused "+-" pair from Setup and place them into the "_" locations in the relevant string below. (+- & _+-_ → ++--)
  • Replace the "+-" pair in your notes with this new "+-" quadruplet.


Read each quadruplet in order as sets of XYZW coordinates and enter these into the hypercube on the module, e.g. -+-+ means -X +Y -Z +W (left-top-front-zag).

Misc. Notes

  • Stages: The number of non-ignored modules on the bomb.
  • Y is not shown in the diagram, but is deducted by vision that Y+ points are closer to the user, and Y- points are away from the user.