On the Subject of HyperForget

You’re telling me I have to stare at this 4-dimensional creature throughout the whole bomb?

Observe the 4-D rotation of the hypercube at each stage of the module. Stages will advance upon a solve of a non-ignored module. At each stage, the cube will change color, and the 4-D rotation may change. Use the diagram at the right to identify the different axes the hypercube may rotate upon. (The Y axis is towards/away the user)

These rotations, as well as some calculations, will determine which vertex must be pressed after all other non-ignored modules have been solved.

Using the table below, take the rotation shown at that stage to determine which face the required vertex lies on. This "face" can also be represented by two of four axes: X, Y, Z, W.

−Xleft +Xright X Z +Zback −Zfront W −Wzig +Wzag

Take the nth character of the serial number, where n is equal to the current stage (shown at the top left). If the current stage is not 6 or smaller, repeatedly subtract 6 until it is. If this character is a letter, convert it to its alphabetic position.

Take this value modulo 4, and convert it to binary. Take the remaining two unused axes in order, and assign them either positive or negative values, based on whether that position in the two-digit binary sequence is a 0 or a 1. A 0 will represent a negative axis, while a 1 will represent a positive axis. For example:

  • The rotation is YW which corresponds to "bottom-right". The used axes are Y (for bottom) and X (for right). Y is negative, and X is positive.
  • The serial number character to look at is J.
  • J's alphabetic position is 10, modulo 4 is 2, converted to binary is 10.
  • X and Y are the used axes, meaning Z and W are the unused axes.
  • Z is positive because the first binary digit is 1. W is negative because the second binary digit is 0.
  • Finally, we have our vertex: +X, -Y, +Z, -W.

When all other non-ignored modules are solved, press these vertices in order. Pressing an incorrect vertex will incur a strike, and display the rotation for that stage. When this happens, press any vertex on the hypercube again, and then press the correct vertex.