On the Subject of Hyperneedy

Well, it’s two less dimensions to deal with, but the lines are still missing. Lovely.

When this needy module activates, 16 floating discs will emerge from the central button. Press the central button, and they will move in a pattern that mimics the rotation of a 4d tesseract.

Identify the rotation, then type it using the labeled buttons. If any part of the rotation is entered incorrectly, a strike will be incurred, and the input will be reset.

−Xleft +Xright X Z +Zback −Zfront W −Wzig +Wzag

The rotations are identified by which positive axis direction rotates into which other positive axis direction.

Not depicted in the diagram is the Y axis, which has +Y/top and −Y/bottom and is perpendicular to X and Z, meaning that it points out of the module, away from the bomb.