On the Subject of Iñupiaq Numerals

If you’re complaining about the fact that this has an ñ in its name, just be glad it’s not an ŋ, nobody knows how to pronounce that.

The Iñupiaq Numeral system is a base-20 system with standard positional notation. The digits in this system from 0–19 are shown below.

To solve the module, answer the four math problems with these numerals.

There are four different operations which can appear on this module, shown below. All of these operations will occur once module, though it may be in a different order.

Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Multiplication (×), and Division (÷)

Use the buttons on the top and bottom of each digit to change the digit (see diagram below for more detail) or the top-left to submit your answer. Submitting and incorrect answer will cause a strike, the module will not reset.

-5 +5 -1 +1