On the Subject of ID Exchange

Let’s clap for them then. “Wow, what an amazing person.”

  • This module initially consists of a black felt background, two blank cards, two player portraits, and a display showing the last 3 digits of the stage number.
  • Observe a match of ID Exchange being played throughout the course of the bomb, and keep track of each player’s ID and points scored. After all non-ignored modules have been solved, correctly identify the winner(s) and loser of the match to solve the module.
  • At the start of the game, each player will be assigned an ID card. In total, there are 7 commoners, 5 nobles, and 1 convict.
    • To determine what ID a player starts with, use the serial number characters in order in conjunction with the table on the last page.
      • If the character is a letter, go to the appropriate cell in the table.
      • If the character is a number, move that many cells right from the last cell you used, looping around if necessary. If this is the first character of the serial number, treat it as a letter, where A=0, B=1, etc.
    • The first five players landed on will be nobles, the 6th one the convict. If a cell is landed on that is already assigned, move right looping around until an unused cell is reached. All remaining players after these 6 assignments are commoners.
  • At the start of the bomb, and whenever a non-ignored module is solved, two players will appear on the module. These players will trade their IDs, and score points according to the following rules:
    • If a noble trades with a commoner, the player who was the noble scores 1 point.
    • If a convict trades with a commoner, the player who was the convict scores 2 points.
    • At the end of the game, the last player to have traded away the convict ID scores 3 additional points.
  • After all other non-ignored modules have been solved, all 13 player portraits will appear on the module, alongside a red crosshair. Calculate the results of the match, and submit them as follows:
    • Excluding the player who currently holds the Convict ID, the player(s) with the most points win the match. Give all winning players a Token of Life by clicking on them, then click the crosshair. If a player who won the match did not receive a Token of Life, or a player with a Token of Life did not win the match, you will receive a strike, and not progress to the next step until you submit the correct answer.
    • However, if all players other than the Convict have won, then all Tokens of Life are nullified. Submit zero Tokens of Life and continue to the next step.
    • After correctly pressing the crosshair, select the player currently holding the Convict ID to solve the module. Selecting the wrong player will incur a strike.
  • If, at any point, you strike on the module, you may access stage recovery by clicking the stage counter. This will take you to stage 1, and you may use the ID cards to navigate to the previous or next stage. Press the stage counter again to return to the submission screen. You may only access stage recovery once per strike.