On the Subject of IKEA

I came in for a table, and left with a lamp, a mattress, and a bomb...

  • Four buttons are Brand Buttons, and one is the Product Button; use the Product Button with Table 1 to determine which Direction Order to use.
  • Assign Brand Buttons directions using Table 2 below. The first button on the proper list gets the first direction in Direction Order, the second on the list gets the second direction, etc. The Product Button does not get a direction.
  • Assign Brand Buttons a bit value of 1 if its background is yellow and a 0 if its background is blue.
  • Create a number in binary using the bits from the Brand Buttons, with the first in Direction Order being the most significant digit and the last being the least sigificant, then translate it to decimal.
  • Use the created number with Table 3 to determine which store you are in, then defuse the module by going from "S" to "F" using the Brand Buttons.
  • You may press the Swedish flag to reset your position back to "S".
  • Hitting a wall or pressing the Product Button will cause a strike and reset your position back to "S".

Table 1

ProductDirection Order
BedN, E, W, S
CabinetS, E, W, N
ChairN, E, S, W
CurtainsW, N, S, E
DeskN, W, E, S
FanE, N, S, W
QuiltW, E, N, S
TowelS, W, E, N

Table 2

Product Button Background ColorWord List
BlueMeatball, Bowl, Cheese, Wizard, Shoe, Boot, Candy, Puppy, Headphones, Shirt, Paint, Color, Unicorn, Raccoon, Octagon, Dragon
YellowColor, Candy, Octagon, Meatball, Dragon, Wizard, Cheese, Shoe, Raccoon, Unicorn, Paint, Shirt, Puppy, Boot, Headphones, Bowl

Table 3

Button NumberStore
0Store A, rotated 180°
1Store C, rotated 90° clockwise
2Store D, rotated 90° counterclockwise
3Store A, rotated 90° clockwise
4Store E
5Store B, rotated 180°
6Store E, rotated 90° clockwise
7Store B, rotated 90° counterclockwise
8Store C, rotated 180°
9Store D, rotated 90° clockwise
10Store A, rotated 90° counterclockwise
11Store E, rotated 180°
12Store C, rotated 90° counterclockwise
13Store E, rotated 90° counterclockwise
14Store B, rotated 90° clockwise
15Store D, rotated 180°


English-to-Swedish Dictionary

Here are some helpful words to know when traveling:


Fun fact: The Swedish flag features a yellow Nordic cross on a blue background!