On the Subject of Identifrac

Psychedelic structural chaos

The module displays a cubic fractal and two overlapping diamonds, segmented into 7 smaller diamonds. In order to solve the module, reduce the fractal to its seed and submit that.

The fractal originates from a 2×2×2 grid. This grid is called the seed. To obtain the next iteration of a grid, the grid from the previous iteration is copied onto each individual cell of the seed, applying the transformation given by that respective cell in the seed. Ignore empty cells. Once this process has been repeated an infinite amount of times, a true fractal has been obtained.

Each active cubic cell in the seed has a value. This value consists of 5 separate values:

  1. If the grid must be flipped across the yz-plane: 1. Otherwise: 0
  2. If the grid must be flipped across the xz-plane: 1. Otherwise: 0
  3. If the grid must be flipped across the xy-plane: 1. Otherwise: 0
  4. If the grid must be flipped across the top-right to bottom-left slice: 1. Otherwise: 0
  5. If the grid must be rotated 120 degrees clockwise when seen from the top-right-front corner: 1. If it needs 240 degrees: 2. Otherwise: 0

The transforms should be applied in order.

This value will be 5 digits. To convert these to answers, use your value ABCDE and turn it into 24A+12B+6C+3D+E. Divide this value by 7 and round down for the first digit and modulo this value by 7 for the second. Use this digit pair as the answer for that cell of the seed. Empty cells are labeled with digit pair 66. Cells are read from left to right, then top to bottom, then front to back. This module uses the same x, y and z-axes as The Hypercube. The buttons are numbered from 0 to 6 starting from the top right going in an S shape. After submitting all 16 digits, you answer will be checked.