On the Subject of Identity Parade

Time to turn detective; there’s a criminal on the loose.

The module consists of four displays and a convict button.

The guilty suspect is the only person for whom all three character traits will appear.

Correctly identify the guilty suspect and their character traits, set the displays and press the convict button to disarm the module.

Suspect Name Hair Colour Build Attire
Andy Brown Hunched Suit
Ben Grey Tall T-shirt
Chrissie Red Hunched Hoodie
Dylan Blonde Short Tank top
Eddie Grey Slim Suit
Fiona Brown Tall Hoodie
Gemma Grey Short Blazer
Harriet Black Fat T-shirt
Ian White Tall Jumper
James Red Muscular Tank top
Kayleigh White Short Tank top
Louise Blonde Fat Suit
Megan Brown Slim Blazer
Nate Red Fat Jumper
Oscar Black Slim Hoodie
Penny Blonde Muscular T-shirt
Quentin White Hunched Blazer
Rhiannon Black Muscular Jumper