On the Subject of Instructions

I mean, if there wasn’t instructions here, we’d have a big problem.

The module has a screen that displays five different settings, with four colored buttons with letters on them below. You can cycle through the settings by tapping the buttons at the top.

The defusal instructions for this module have been redacted "on accident", and the missing text can be found on the screens of the module.

In the instructions below, the first setting of the screen will replace all instances of, "[SCREEN 1]". The second setting of the screen replaces "[SCREEN 2]", the third setting of the screen replaces "[SCREEN 3]", etc.

Once you’ve replaced all of the text, follow the instructions to find which button to press.


If the number of [SCREEN 1] is zero, press either the [SCREEN 5] or [SCREEN 2] buttons, whichever one is furthest to the right. If both buttons are the same, press the [SCREEN 4] button.

Otherwise, if the number of [SCREEN 3] is greater than the number of [SCREEN 1], press the [SCREEN 2] button.

Otherwise, if the [SCREEN 2] is further to the left than the [SCREEN 4] button, press the [SCREEN 5] button.

Otherwise, if the number of [SCREEN 3] is greater than three, start at the leftmost button and count N buttons, where N is the number of [SCREEN 1], looping back to the first button if you get past the fourth one.

Otherwise, if the [SCREEN 2] button, [SCREEN 4] button, and [SCREEN 5] button are all different buttons, press the button that is NOT the [SCREEN 2], [SCREEN 4], or [SCREEN 5] button.

Otherwise, press the [SCREEN 4] button.