On the Subject of The Iron Lung

Just be glad you’re not being sent down in the real thing.

Welcome. Due to some unfortunate circumstances that occurred three days ago, we have sent you a training module to help you learn how to navigate inside one of our submarines.

There are five buttons. The buttons on the bottom left are for turning. Right turns you clockwise, and vice versa for left.

On the bottom right, pressing the upper button will steer you forward, and the lower button will send you backwards.

To finish your training, you must press the submit button on the top at the location and angle provided. Failing to be in the correct position when submitting will strike you. (Note: we only enforce this to help you understand what is and isn’t valid when on a real mission. You may freely take pictures when that time comes.)

Your submission must be within 2 units of the given position, and 10 degrees of the given angle. Any submission within this range will be passable.

Your starting position will be in the direct center of the overall area you are allowed to navigate in. Since this area is 1000×1000, this means you will start at position (500, 500).

Note that this area is not completely open. There are walls scattered around, and if you even touch one of these, or attempt to leave the navigation area, you will strike, and your position will be reset to (500, 500).

We have multiple maps in use for this training as well. You can see these on the third page of this manual, but you will not be told directly which one is in use. For this reason, a wall has been placed in each one, close to your starting point, in a specific direction unique to its map.

However, as you cannot see this directly, you will need to take advantage of the proximity sensors. These will activate when you are within 20 units of a wall, and blink faster the closer you are to it.

Remember, this is training. You will likely be completely alone when you’re sent down. Luckily, you won't need to figure out what map is correct, as the right one will be provided. Good luck.

These maps will never change or switch around during training. Some parts of the maps may be slightly inaccurate, so trust your proximity sensors more.

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