On the Subject of Jack Attacks

Remember the clue...

Brace yourselves for the attack, when you see two clues that match, tap the center of the screen, you get to live if it’s right, you get a strike if it’s wrong. And one more thing, it’s got to be a match that fits the clue.

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Module explanation that’s better than what Cookie said

The clue is the word in orange which is shown at the beginning of the module. The theme is determined by the clue using the table on the first page, and all answers must match the criteria of the theme. To activate the module, simply select the middle of the module. After the module is activated, the middle of the module is now used to select answers. The text above the button is the phrase in black, when the module is active, your answer must also match with this. The correct answer is the text below the button which both matches the theme and is hinted at with the phrase, picking the correct answer moves you to the next stage.

To solve the module, you must select five correct answers. If you don’t see the correct small answer and don’t select any answer, it is considered a miss. Only three misses are allowed before you get a strike. If at any point you select an incorrect answer, you will get a strike and the module will go back to what it looked like at the beginning of the module. However, the clue and theme do not change, and any correct answers are still tracked (e.g. If you get past two stages then get a strike, you only have three more correct stages you have to go through, instead of five).

*A boss module is a regular module that cannot be solved independently of other modules on the same bomb; a module that insists that other modules are solved first before you can solve this one.