On the Subject of Keypad Magnified

“One man's trash is another man's treasure... or mod in this case” ~ Crazycaleb #5765

  • This module contains a standard four-button keypad. However, instead of four different symbols with one on each button, each one of the four buttons contains a piece of one large symbol*.
  • Each button has a status light. At the start of the module, three of them will be turned off, and one of them will be colored blue.
  • Determine the remaining three symbols based on the symbol on the buttons and which button has the blue status light.
  • To determine the layout of the symbols on the buttons, find the grid with the symbol in the corner with the blue status light.
  • Press the four buttons in the order their symbols appear. Follow the rules for the condition that applies
  • Last digit of the serial number is even, only: Read the row from left to right.
  • First digit of the serial number is even, only: Read the column from top to bottom.
  • Both the first and last digits are even: Read the row from right to left.
  • Neither of the digits are even: Read the column from bottom to top.
  • Use the last digit of the serial number to determine the row or column to read. If the last digit is 0, use the leftmost letter’s numerical position in the alphabet, subtracting 9 until it is within range.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • When a button is pressed at the correct time, its status light will turn green. Pressing a button at the wrong time will give a strike and its status light will turn red. The module will not reset.

* The pieces of the symbol can be swapped around to make the symbol not as easily recognizable. They cannot be rotated, but they can be in different positions. This has no impact on the functionality of the module and is purely visual.